A well designed and fun tactical shooter. You will be hard pressed to find another like it!

User Rating: 8.5 | Section 8: Prejudice PC
I must say that I am a fan of the original Section 8 and have been sucked in ever since purchasing Prejudice here. Prejudice hits the right spots in terms of making a great, fun, and interesting tactical shooter.

I have spent little time on the single player as I am more interested in the multiplayer myself, so I'll leave that part out.

One thing that I thoroughly enjoy is the fact that you can customize 6 different designs to use in multiplayer. You get to choose what weapons, items, and upgrades to add to it. It makes it so that not only is it important to play well in game but makes designing your battle armor an important aspect as well. You can configure a more close range fighter or a sniper, an engineer or an all-around infantry role, or a hybrid of any of these. You can edit these settings until you find ones that work best for you and your playstyle. Many of these items are unlocked as you go but they don't take an overly long time to do. After a few days of playing, I've already unlocked about 1/3 of them. And you can still be effective up until the point that you unlock some of the other weapons and items.

As you play in game, you earn credits and you can use these credits to buy turrets, supply depots, and vehicles. This makes for interesting strategies and is another aspect that brings Prejudice out from the norm. I will say that, despite what the Gamespot review says, vehicles are quite effective if used correctly. They can be a turning point in certain matches and each has it's own flavor. The bike is more for those who like quick hit and run tactics while the armor is slower yet more powerful. And, of course, the tank is the most expensive yet most powerful of them all.

Another interesting aspect are the missions that appear during the game. Anything from grabbing intel and bringing it to another location to defending an outpost. They make for interesting changes of pace in the game and change the focus of the battle from capturing base points to these objectives.

Battles tend to be longer than your typical FPS and, in general, are not as twitch based. Players who use cover, work with their team, and play smart do better than those who go blazing in. You still have to be fast on your toes but it's a different animal from your Quake or Halo.

Teamwork is pretty essential in this game. I have seen some of the higher ranked players go in to areas alone. But, overall, those who work together do better than those who just run around on their own.

My only qualm with the game is their needs to be more maps and some of the weapons are a bit OPed. However, Timegate has already said more maps are in the works and the weapon tweaks seem to be coming along since release.

Overall, if you are into Tactical Shooters, I can't really give you any reason NOT to get this game. It's a great game and will quickly suck you in!