Worth more than you paid!

User Rating: 9 | Section 8: Prejudice PC
Quick review:


Well I must admit I have not tried the campaign yet, I went straight to online. I played for about 10 minutes before I had realized that two hours went by. This game is so addicting, one round and you're hooked. I feel TGS has got the formula down this time around. This is a game that anyone can excel at no matter the skill level. I will say the movement is a bit sluggish while walking however you can power sprint like 400m if you wanted too. And the jet pack for me was just awesome to use. It gives you such a tactical advantage against people who do not know how to properly employ it when needed. Lock-on was great too it didn't last too long, just long enough to let you get some damage in before you put the final nail in the coffin. Just don't forget that he can still shoot you too so, if the adversary manages to flank you...well....kiddies it's lights out. Oh and before the 'cheater police' start bantering...it takes a long time to recharge the lock on.

I love the spawning system in here as it eliminated spawn killing. I love how the battle field is living. Turrets pummel you during your burn in move if you choose the wrong spawn point. Although the graphics are 2005ish the gameplay and online experience FAR make up for that. Finally, a game developer that realizes that 'looks aren't everything' and put the money where it counted. The only thing that really perturbed me was that you have to use Steam to launch it and Games for Windows Live to log-in and play? That needs to be fixed as this should be a dedicated game launcher. I feel that Steam and GFWL have become like a virus that forces you to use it for a reason that make no sense. As if we need two community sharing platforms anyway. Anyway enough of my banter stop reading this review and just buy it guys. It's only $15 bucks and its way worth more. I cannot wait for DLC...in fact while we're on the subject there already is some for it now!

***Update, for those about to bash the single player. The SP is just one big tutorial. So, don't start with the 1.0 - 5.0 reviews. I really hope some classic TD and DOM come along!

Great job Timegate!