Worth more than $15!

User Rating: 9.5 | Section 8: Prejudice X360
Well to start off this game is seriously underpriced, but thats not a bad thing!!!

For $15 this is what you get

- 5 Hour replayable campaign, this packs all the action of titles like Call of Duty and also serves as a tutorial for multiplayer. Also once you have finished campaign you'll be replaying it on a harder difficulty to earn more stars which unlock weapon upgrades. No this isn't just a set of multiplayer matches, its a REAL CAMPAIGN, set piece battles, movies ect. Imagine fighting mechs, supersoldiers and gunships!

- 4 Map Swarm, THIS MODE IS EPIC!!! You hold a fort like base against wave after have of troops earning money for kills which can be used to call down turrets or vehicles. Imagine a better monday night combat survival mode. You have to hold out for 15 minutes (trust me, on harder difficulties this IS HARD) and defend a control point. If you die, you will respawn until the control point falls. Also, if you aren't a xbox live gold member the game gives you 3 bots to help you, so you have help.

- 8 Map 32 player Conquest, this is pretty much the main mode of the game. It can be played offline too if you're wondering. You and your team are put in squads and tasked with capturing some nodes. As with Swarm, certain actions earn money. Once you capture nodes the rate at which you earn points is increased. More nodes, the faster the points. You win the game by earning 1000 points I think. Also there are sub objectives like the objectives in Enemy Territory Quake Wars, protect/kill VIP, call/negate airstrike, protect/destroy convey ect. which all give you more points.

- A new game mode comming soon, I don't know what it is or if it will be free

Overall the game is a steal at it's price