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What Gamespot Users have to say about Secret of the Solstice

  • Review Score:9

    A cool free MMORPG with a visual style reminiscent of classic console RPGs.

    With several unique classes, tons of quests, some pretty cool skills and lots of cute little (and big) monsters, Secret of the Solstice offers pretty much all the stuff RPG veterans are looking for. While some of the ... Read Full Review

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  • Review Score:4.5

    Good at first, but...

    When I first tried this game, it was very fun! Lot's a events, friendly GM's and so on. Then i got my class. After this, leveling was hard, mana ran out quickly, everything got extremly repetitive. This game is also a RO... Read Full Review

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  • Review Score:8

    This game is good when you first start with all the new skills ect.

    This game is pretty good when you get into it, but the further you go the more you reallize it gets harder and boring because you do the same other than that you can make a differant character and do different moves. All... Read Full Review

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