More than a decade old, and its still the best RPG Square has put out. Thats saying a lot.

User Rating: 9.6 | Seiken Densetsu 2 SNES
Secret of Mana was released more than a decade ago, and its still one of the best action rpgs you can play. As in all Square games, there is an incredible story at work - and one that in my opinion is far superior to almost every other game Square put out, the only game it doesnt beat out is FF7, and FF2 is real close. But the story wasnt super detailed like so many Square games are. There was probably half the dialog that you see in most of their games, and this is what made the game so good in my mind. Most of the game is spent fighting enemies zelda style, with one of your three controllable characters. You have access to several weapons and several magic types, based on elementals. You have a normal invintory that you equip armor and use items from, but the screen was ingeniously created so you dont have huge-a-mungous garbled messes of menus and screens to do everything through, just a few simple wheels with minimal data. Don't get me wrong, Secret of Mana is not a shallow game, it has lots of depth. Over the course of the game i think you obtain over a hundred weapons, and most likely a comparable number of armor items and misc. items too. Probably most notably for me would be the music in the game. No, it wasn't done by the same man who did the great FF music, but it was just as masterfully composed, and draws emotions just as well. In one of the early scenes in the game, i actually felt rather sad. During boss fights, the music has you on edge and really gets you into the fight. All of this, and a great underlying story that can be really thought provoking. Okay sure, its a little strange here and there, but its not as far out there as their stories are today, and i think for the most part it could have been a story taken from some old tribal beleifs - the game world has its own history that plays into the story, and there are plenty of sub-plots and extra characters to interact with. I know its hard to find now, but if you can scrounge it up from some store at a bargain price - or heck, even at a high price - this game is worth every cent you pay for it. If you like RPGs, you simply MUST experience SOM.