How many other games can say they're immersive, innovative, fun and challenging all at the same time?! :D

User Rating: 10 | Seiken Densetsu 2 SNES
Squaresoft Enix is undoubtedly the king when it comes to making RPG's and action adventure games, it's what they've built their collective companies on. In 1993, it was decided that a new game was to be made out of the mold of the popular "Zelda" games, and turn it into something that could be enjoyed for hard-core RPG fans. This game, the "Secret of Mana," mixed together the Action-Adventure Genre and the RPG Genre like never before! It had the easy accessibility of Action-Adventure Games, and it also had the deep immersion of RPG Games. Although it's a relatively simple story about having to save the world from a great evil, there's a lot of complexity and depth to it. Three unlikely hero's, a boy warrior, a girl warrior, and a sprite warrior, all find each other and join together to stop a group of evil men in control of an Empire from ruling and conquering the world through the powers of evil technology, which only good magic can destroy! There were several different areas, interesting enemies to fight, and several unique bosses to destroy. The different choices of weapons and magic were well thought out, and there was no end of options available for new things to discover and new levels of magic to achieve. There was Undine, the spirit of Ice and Water, Gnome, the spirit of the Earth, Salamander, the spirit of Fire, Shade, the spirit of Darkness, Luna, the spirit of the Moon, Dryad, the spirit of the Forest, and a couple of additional others as well! This has a well-written story, with several surprises and twists along the way, and it is definitely well worth a play, as it can still provide a challenge just as well as any other game today can provide! That's why I love this game! :idea: Enough said! ;)