User Rating: 10 | Seiken Densetsu 2 SNES
Secret of Mana...the finest Action-Adventure-RPG game out there! If you are not familiar with the genre or this game; think more of Zelda with more RPG element, add one of the best soundtracks and story, and you have Secret Of Mana. The game starts out pretty slow, but as you evolve through the game, you will just be glued to the TV...because the story is just awesome! I dont think i can talk about the story without ruining it for someone, but trust me, Mana is one of those games, whose sequels are just total crap! Anyways, the battle system is in real time, just like Zelda, but you get to have allies that helps you fight the battles; or you can set what they can do during a fight. This is a short review for an awesome game, because i dont think i can write a review without spoiling more about this really wonderful game! I wish the sequels were half as good as original Mana!