Scribblenauts Unlimited is a charming, neatly imaginative puzzle game that appeals to everyone.

User Rating: 8 | Scribblenauts Unlimited PC


+ Endless creation possibilities in your hands
+ A family friendly game, though attractive to all audiences
+ Witty missions and levels


- Strange and illogical answers occasionally work

There is simply something really charming in unleashing your creativity and imagination in what appears to be a children-only aimed game at first. Scribblenauts: Unlimited is a fantastic example that imaginative and innovative are still fun, bustling with content and impeccable ideas. It won’t challenge the most sophisticated and wicked players, but it is simply a great options for younger audience, but that shouldn’t scare anyone older away.

Great power comes with great responsibility. That is something protagonist Max and his sister Lily don’t know. After pranking a wizard, he punishes them by turning poor Lily to stone, and the only way to free her is to perform good tasks and helping people to obtain Starites. Max will travel around the world solving people’s problems in order to save his sister. This kid-friendly game use a picture book format as cutscenes which is very well done in its simplicity.

Power up your brain (or maybe not so much), and unleash your fantasy and creativity, since that’s the best way to enjoy Scribblenauts. With the help of his magical notebook, Max can create seamlessly anything you can think of! Want a laser gun? Here you go. Want to summon Satan and God together? Why not? Want to become a samurai ninja ghost? Sure thing! You can create anything that only excludes Proper names, vulgar and sexual related terms and copyright materials. The use of adjectives allows you to edit yourself and any item in the game world as you wish, or required.

Scribblenauts: Unlimited is a puzzle game; a crafty one that throughout succeeds in appealing both to the younger audience and any gamer. In an open 2D world with different levels, you will meet plenty of people (and something creatures and objects) in need for you to use your power to summon something in their aid. These puzzles are simplistic, sometimes accepting weird, and rarely even banal answers. There is no way to lose in these one-task puzzles, but Max can be hurt and eventually ‘killed’. It ultimately only restarts the level, nothing is lost. Creatures can be hostile depending on what they are, or their assigned adjectives. A ferocious animal will obviously attack everyone, but if you use adjectives such as ‘tame’, it changes its behaviour. Using the adjective ‘sleeping’ will naturally put them to sleep, so it is a matter of finding the right item or adjective using your creativity in order to solve the puzzle.

Aiding people earns you a shard of a starite. Then there are some few puzzles that earn you an entire starite. These once offer slightly more intensive challenges in multiple stages. Some are really creative and interesting, while a rare few are dead boring. You are required to complete every single task asked to advance, and losing your 4 lives in it will dreadfully force you to repeat the stage from the beginning, making the trial-and-error approach kind of frustrating since you can’t just repeat the task you lost your life in.

You can help people, or you can always just run a mayhem or create anything that pops in your head! The open-ended approach of the game allows you to infinitely create whatever you desire without restrictions (unless you are in a starite puzzle). The notebook is a powerful and ideal tool if you can truly unleash it. If you can’t keep an open mind and experiment, it is a game that will dull you otherwise.

Formerly a DS series, the PC in HD looks marvellous and runs really smoothly. Simple looking, but highly colourful characters populate the varied and imaginative world you will be exploring in order to save Lily. Presented cutscenes only appear in the prologue and epilogue, and the voiceless cutscenes using the game engine, are quite neat nonetheless. Character interaction with each other, and items, will no doubt seem weird, but this kind of unusualness is quite charming, retaining a humorous tone throughout the game.

Scribblenauts: Unlimited is a fabulous game that may charm the hearts of most cold-hearted gamers. It’s fun, it’s cute, it’s original and offers a good reason to smile and occasionally laugh to how ridiculous it can be.

Graphics = 8.5
Sound = 7.5
Presentation = 8.0
Gameplay = 8.8
Story/Missions = 8.0

Recommendation Level = High
Simple, charming and exciting in its own way. Recommended to kids and adults alike.

Level of Difficult = Very Easy
There might be a few tougher than average puzzles, but it’s no rocket science

OVERALL = 82 / 100
Scribblenauts Unlimited is a charming, neatly imaginative puzzle game that appeals to everyone.