User Rating: 1.5 | Scourge: Outbreak X360
Umm... Why did I waste my money on this? No offense, of course, to the creators, developers, etc. I understand the story totally, very easy to understand. But the way it is told, it's not engaging like a story should be, it's doesn't draw you in and make you wanna keep playing more to find out what is going to happen. Maybe if they told it in a better way it would make it...interesting. The enemies, they are annoying to. It makes me think that at one point they decided that they were to lazy to finish creating them and left it at that. This game seems like it is based off of every other shooter game, and shooting games should be creative so they aren't judged off of the others. What is good about this game is the 4 co-op modes and competitive modes. That is what I like about the game. Other than that, why did I buy this?