AN amzing throwback to old school 16-bit beat em ups

User Rating: 8 | Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game PS3
THat's right I said 16 bit, I don't care what anyone says, this game feels and looks like it ripped right from the supper nintendo. And that's not a bad thing.
The (barley existant) story follows scott pilgrim, as tries to defeat the 7 evil exes of romona, a girl he's in love with. The game dosen't even have a turorial, it just throws you into the game and says: GO! This is also not a bad thing because anyone who has played any arcade game knows that you learn by doing in those. THe controles are simple, move with the d-pad, punch with square, kick with triangle, ect.
The game also features a (from what i'm told) river city ransom style shop system where you buy items to increas you stats (atack defense ect.), also you learn new moves and level up by beating enamies.
The game has an awsome soundtrack by indie band anamanaguchi, and it's just amazing, it's probably one of the best soundtracks i've ever heard in a video game.
The game is not perfect, it can get extreamly difficult (espescialy the bosses) if you're not playing with friends, and also there's no online co-op or drop in/ out gameplay. This really hurts a game that's going for and "old shcool arcade" feel. Also the game's very short (only a couple hours), but there are 4 playable charecters so that gives you some inscentive to play again.
Also the ending is totaly diffrent from the comics and movie, i don't know if I did some thing wrong, or what but I must have gotton the "Bad" ending, unless that's the ONLY ending, man that would suck.
Well anyone with extra controlers and some friends or a fan of scott pilgrim, looking for an old school beat em up, should look no further.
(plus the games only 10$)