Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Passwords

    At the main menu, go to "Password" and enter the following codes to unlock the different levels:

    Code Effect
    LCW72VBL Coliseum
    2XF74WS9 Ocean Chase
    BTV@S7F# Prehistoric Jungle
    V3Z9R7T3 Snow Chase
    X@X#V7FF Boardwalk

    Contributed by: Casanova973 

  2. Passwords

    Enter the passwords

    Code Effect
    1CR33P3R Fight Against The Creeper
    GH@TRGHL Fight Against Gator Ghoul
    1R@NFYC3 Fight Against Old Iron Face
    PSKYK1DS At the Arcade with Everything
    WH@DNN1T View the Ending

    Contributed by: GameMasterZer0 

  3. Cheat Mode

    At the password screen, enter CHTMD2 to unlock the following abilities duiring game play

    Code Effect
    Hold Select and press R Skip Level
    Hold select and press L Current character gets caught by the Phantom Virus
    Hold select and press start Slow Motion
    B Cycle through all the sounds in the game

    Contributed by: Arguro 

  4. Stage Passwords on Difficult.

    The following passwords are for each stage on difficult.

    Code Effect
    GL@D1@TR Coliseum
    JVNGLDVP Prehistoric Jungle
    SPL@SH Ocean Chase
    1C3R@LLY Snow Chase
    BSYDTH3C Boardwalk
    @MVZM3NT Arcade

    Contributed by: Mezmorize99 

  5. View Build Date

    Enter VRSN2 as a password. The build date can be found in the options menu.

    Contributed by: LuigiSan 

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