4 friends getting together can have a great time. If you played and enjoyed the DVD version this cannot be missed.

User Rating: 9 | Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action X360
If you have ever played the DVD version and enjoyed it then you cannot help but get this game. Great value with 4 controllers and the game for 60 dollars. This is the first time my buddy and our wives all played a game together on the 360. 1,800 questions to start and it remembers puzzles you've already seen. On the DVD we were getting repeats after the first dozen or so games. Buzzing in eliminates any arguments and the variety of puzzles are great. XBOX live should bring plenty of replay value with all of the other Scene It games that are out there on DVD. If you like movies and having fun with 3 other friends I don't see how you could not love this game. The only draw back is no online play. I don't know why this wasn't included. Guess that is how they'll rope us in for Scene It? 2.