One of the best open world games you can ever play.

Prototype is an open-world game made by radical entertainment. As you know they've made games like scarface and hulk ultimate destruction, so you can expect something good from this game.
The story of Prototype begins with your character, Alex Mercer, on a morgue lab who wakes up and tries to get out, and as he gets out he realizes he has these amazing powers but he can't remember how he got them or who he even is. Now Alex wants to find out who he is and how he got his powers and he wants to make whoever did this to him pay.
The gameplay for prototype is the best part of the game. You can do so much. You can automatically jump over objects as you sprint, you can consume anyone and become them, you can even lift heavy objects, or transform your right arm into a giant blade.You can even hijack vehicles such as tanks, helicopters, etc. You even have side missions for fun.
The graphics in prototype are nice and clean. The game is slightly better than your average looking game. New York City looks great, but the character models could use some improvements. Other than that the game looks good.
Overall prototype is a great game. It'll take you at least 14 hrs to complete it (depending on the difficulty). I'd give it a rent since it won't take long to beat the game.