Tony Montana is back to take the world and everything in it, including you!!!

User Rating: 9.6 | Scarface: The World Is Yours PS2
Scarface is one of the most popular and greatest movie of all times, with a history as good and controversial as the movie, here in 2006 we have for us to enjoy, one more time, the greatest mouthfaulted cuban antihero, Tony Montana.

Scarface, the World is yours is a open-ended world game, with many similarities to this kinds of games we enjoyed in the past, but with a story of his own, a great and easy to use interface, and with a wonderful musical score.

The story brings you back to that blackened day when Sosa, the colombian cartel boss sent his Gunmans to take down Tony at his own mansion, and this time unlike the movie, our favorite bad guy survives and will star getting his revenge and his world back.

As the story goes you'll have to slowly build up your reputation and empire one more time to be the greatest ye-yo lord u used to be. In order to achieve that ,Tony's got to make his contacts again and do all kinds of things like protecting VIP's, assasination and protection jobs, deliver goods for somebody, taking evidence back , like the cassetes you have to rethrieve to the owner of the Fidel's records, just after you do that you can purchase his turf, as this tapes had evidence incriminating Fidel.

You will also have to be a ye-yo dealer and sell it to the gangs at a atractive price, you can also bring it to your turfs, and sell it at a special price, qhich will help your businesses to prosper, and it will affect how is the demand for the goods. Appart from that there's the gangs and the police, who will be your main obstacles on your way to pursuit your ultimate goals.

The gangs: there are several gangs on each parts of miami, like the Diaz brothers in little Havana, The Nachos in Downtown, etc.In order to deliver your goods better you have to take out this gangs eliminating each and every single one of them. But as you do it you have to take care of your gang heat as this will make it difficult for you to earn money from your Ye-yo deals and ultimately the gangs will retaliate on you.

The Cops: watch out for your police heat bar, as this one is more likely to overheat and you will suffer a retaliation more often than with the gangs, you will dye instantly if you get F...ed! Whenever you are in mission or killing gangs, try not to call your attention too much on them

The Heat: this one is not good to have as i already said, they will cost your life and money, so try to keep everybody happy unloading some cash to gangs and the police.

There's other things you'll need to improve and upgrade, this will be measure by the reputation bar, which will raise as you accomplish missions, earn balls and buy turfs, which will give you the right to buy Exotics which are important ways to also build your reputation meter, example of exotics you have, cars, drivers, assasins to do jobs for you( you can choose to play as drivers or assasins whenever you want) , and even help you to lower your heat with the Police. By upgrading your reputations, new exotics and mansion upgrades will be available to purchase and will also help you to increase balls and rep.

Tony has a big mansion, so he needs to have it cozy and on his stile, so there he'll have to pimp his mansion with furniture and exotics he can buy, you cannot also believe that a appetite for sex charater like Tony will live alone, during the game several sexy girls will be available, and you'll have to seduce and convinced to move to your mansion, they will upgrade your health, balls and other goodies.

Let's talk about how the game works, you can drive or walk thought out miami city with no limits, you can talk to the people which will give you balls.
You can drive or steal any car or boat you see in front of you, you cannot ill the civilians been Tony, that's easy to understand if you saw the movie, and i like it better than that, now, if you are a crazy maniac, you can choose to be a driver and playing as him, you can kill everything you like. There's no limit of time using this other characters. there are many elements that will help you and i will talk about some of them.

The Balls: this are the most important for you, you got to have balls in this gangsters world to succed, you will increase them mainly driving to your destination, taunting drivers, driving near to crush your car with another, or talking to people and intimidate or flirt with them, or just be a ass... sometimes. During combat, your balls will be necessary, as they will give you the Rage mode, important to get out of tide situations when you're surrounded by foes, and during rege time, everytime you hit a enemy you will recover your health a bit and during this limited safe time, you won't spent ammo.

The Weapons: This are Tony's best friends, you can purchase them or take them from the falling gangsters, their ammo is enough but limited and you can lock onto enemies by pressing one button. ex: AK-45, Automatic sort of Uzis, and hand guns, all of them can be upgraded with money.

The cars: they are all over, so steal them or purchase special cars from exotics, as the last ones are good to build your reputation, specially the limo, which will help you to get to locations in a instant, saving precious time, you can purchase, classic cars, italian cars, race cars, etc.

the boats: also unlockable form exotics, this game will have missions on ground and off the ground, so it wouldn't hurt to have some.

The menu: on it you will see your map, missions, and you can use it to select the business to do next or to talk to suppliers. You can also use it to change your charater.

the gameplay is amazingly well done, and different than other games of this type, it works very well, specially on the combat mechanics and the locking feature, is very easy to lock/change a target with a press of a single button and it woks almost 100% accurate, making it more enjoyable and realistic.

And open game cannot offer the best graphics in the world, as the amount of data on disc is huge to comply with this being a world inside your world, so they lack of the wow factor, but they are more detailed than all GTA games to make an example.

The soundtracks in this game are all accurate to the story line, you can play them anytime, customize your playlist, or play by shuffle order the tracks, you got selection of the original soundtrack of the movie, and many other styles like latin mix, rock, country, and many more, and they are all great, sometimes i just let the game on and play the tracks like a Jukebox.

This is a lenghty and enjoyable game, full of adrenaline and action packed, you can kill, negotiate, intimidate, race, flirt, scream, and anything that Tony will do, it well deserves a superb score, and unlike Gamespot reviewers stated, i believe it is the greatest game of this kind, open-ended world games. So far so good, i waited a long year for this game, and what a good thing it is, because i really feel, the World Is Mine! , Say hello to my little friend!!!