It's the best game out right now,i'll try to make this review short,sweet and convincing,so step into my office.

User Rating: 9.3 | Scarface: The World Is Yours XBOX
I Called stores searching for this game while standing in the halls of a hospital,EB had it Thursday night,i had money. So i went and bought this game. The Controls are really cool,B button taunts,Tony Cusses,its great,the shooting parts are awsome,blowing off legs,arms,heads,nuts even! it actually reads off left or right nut,i'm not lieing.The chainsaw is great as well,there is nothing like hacking off arms and heads,you get the drill.In car battles you can shoot out the windows,also have your driver bring you your car.but it can be a bit hard when you're getting ambushed by a bunch of guys,or just doing a mission trying to protect people,the side missions are repetitive,to a ridiculous level.but don't let that get you down,the world is big,you can buy all kinds of stuff for your house,boats,stuffed tigers..maybe even a tiger! Manny and Gina's remains as ashes! but some of the items like the vending machine look PS2 racing game scenery bad...well not that bad but not good.This game is amazing,just get it.