Great for followers of the Scarface Franchise.

User Rating: 8.8 | Scarface: The World Is Yours XBOX
Scarface: The World Is Yours is a great game! Its set right at he ending of the movie Scarface. But, instead of being shot in the back, Tony narrowly escapes death. Now, Tony must rebuild his empire from the ground up. The Diaz brothers, Nacho Contrares and Gaspar Gomez have taken over Tony's used to be empire. The Diaz Brothers gangs are the easiest and Gaspar Gomez's gang is the hardest. Gameplay is awesome! You get to run around to task for eliminating gangs, buy extras for your mansion, etc, Graphics are what you'd expect from an Xbox game. But, they could have been touched up a tad. Sound is great! Its gots hours after hours of endless 80's music. The character's voices sound good. You could hardly notice Al Pacino's voice is abscent. Instead, Pacino hand picked Andre Sogulliza as the Tony Montana voice. The Scarface, you just can't go wrong!