stupid ,yet addictive

User Rating: 6.5 | SAS: Secure Tomorrow PC
i guess gamers know what to expect from City Interactive. they tried so hard with all their previous releases, only making a fool of themselves. maybe this is no different.
but i took the risk of playing it. and wow,it was a nice lil' shooter. off course this is one more rip-off, or more like COD 4 humps FEAR and they make a mutant nasty baby.
you dont need more then a brain cell to finish it ,especially on easy. for me ,it was a fun game,it surprised me,because i had low expectations. so if you are tired and just want to chill,and you are tired of solitaire or tetris,this is a really fun "shoot'em up" mindless action shooter.

but if youre only into hard core FPS,then dont even start playing SAS:Secure Tomorrow

oh,and it reminds me a little bit of the PS2 game BLACK, allthough this is much inferior