Thank you guys so very much for making this game....

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  I have had a game  like this in my head for years with either Werewolves or Bigfoot a not quite 100 percent the same game ideas but real dang close.  I am going to buy this for myself and my son's on each of their pc's just to support you guys.  I can't believe it i watched the video on Steam and i was  like holy@##$ someone is making my Dream GAME .  The Bigfoot one would be similar to this but you Hunt Bigfoot. 



Thank you again , Please take your time and work the bugs out you guys REALLY HAVE SOMETHING SPECIAL HERE .  I have bought hundreds of games over the last 25 years and i can tell you i am really excited for this one just as much as any of the past top games i've owned/played.  

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Thank you! It really means a lot to us.