Samurai Warriors Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. 2P Costumes for CPU-controlled Generals

    First, get 100% mission completion for all 16 characters (15 standard generals + 1 created general). Now when playing any stage, if you select your character's 2P costume, all computer-controlled playable generals will also be wearing their 2P costumes.

    Contributed by: EChang 

  2. Easy AI in Hell difficulty (JP Version)

    This glitch is the same one from Dynasty Warrior 4: Xtreme Legends. It lowers the enemies' AI so that it attacks and blocks a lot less frequently. However, the strength, HP and defense remain at original values.
    1. Create game in normal, hard or hell difficulty.
    2. Save after the game begins.
    3. Change difficulty to easy.
    4. Restart saved game and note the change in the AI.

    Contributed by: The Left Wings 

  3. Easy Last Weapons (JP Version Only)

    In 1P, you will need to fulfill a character's unique requirements in order to get his/her last (5th) weapon. But using 2 players, you can use a character with an easier requirement to get another character's last weapon. For example, Sanada Yukimura's requirements are really tough. You can get his last weapon in any other character's story using 2 players. This is obviously not intended by the game because you are getting the ''wrong'' 5th weapon.
    1. Choose Free Mode. Hard or hell difficulty.
    2. Choose the character you want the 5th weapon for as 1P.
    3. Choose the character you're most comfortable with as 2P.
    4. Choose the stage in which 2P can get his/her 5th weapon.
    5. Fulfill 2P's requirements to get his/her 5th weapon.
    6. When supply team appears, let 1P take the weapon dropped by its captain.
    7. Finish the stage, and you'll find that you got 1P's 5th weapon instead of 2P's.

    Contributed by: The Left Wings 

  4. Fight Lu Bu

    You can face Lu Bu from the Dynasty Warriors series by reaching the 30th floor in the Abyss level of Survivor mode.

    Contributed by: Bew2k1 

  5. Alternate Costume

    Code Effect
    Finish a character's musou mode to unlock their alternate costume, select by pressing triangle Alternate Costume (JP Version)
    Finish a character's musou mode to unlock their alternate costume, select by pressing circle Alternate Costume (US Version)

    Contributed by: Tenken 

  6. New Edit General Models

    While training a new general, achieve an attack and defense total of 90 by the fourth month. A doujou-yaburi will show up to challenge you. Defeat him (he can only be defeated with a Musou Ougi) and you will unlock a new character model. This can be repeated up to 4 times.

    Code Effect
    First time Masked Armored Male
    Second time Masked Armored Female
    Third time Priest Male
    Fourth time Priest Female

    Contributed by: EChang 

  7. Misc. Unlockables

    Code Effect
    Clear Sanada Yukimura's scenario. Takeda Shingen
    Clear Akechi Mitsuhide's scenario. Mori Ranmaru
    Clear Oichi's, Saiga Magoichi's, and Nouhime's scenarios. Lord Oda Nobunaga
    Clear any scenario once. Saiga Magoichi
    Clear Maeda Keiji's scenario. Okuni
    Clear Mori Ranmaru's scenario. Nouhime
    Clear Uesugi Kenshin's scenario. Meada Keiji
    Clear both Hattori Hanzou's and Takeda Shingen's scenarios. Kunoichi
    Clear Okuni's scenario. Ishikawa Goemon
    Clear any two scenarios. Date Masamune

    Contributed by: Geese911 

  8. Edit Mode Musket (JP)

    To unlock the musket in edit mode you have to get to expert on archery mode and complete expert with a perfect rating. Select Archery again and Magoichi will appear and challenge you. Defeat him and your edit character will have a musket.

    Contributed by: hozhoz 

  9. Create-a-Warrior Stat Bonus

    Enter the following as your name in create-a-warrior mode (Japanese version):

    Code Effect
    doji increased stats
    damascus increased stats

    Contributed by: ReVeLaTeD 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
FAQ/Walkthrough FAQ/Walkthrough by Jiyu Aifu 355K
Other Edit Character FAQ by Jia Baoyu 37K
Character Guide Lady Noh by Mythril Wyrm 32K
Other Song Lyrics by DChan 13K
Other Quote FAQ by Lone Wanderer 36K
Other Weapon Guide by Murataki 31K
FAQ/Walkthrough FAQ/Walkthrough by YukimuraSanada 31K
Character Guide Shingen Takeda by Sima Zhongda 35K
Character Guide Kenshin Uesugi by Sima Zhongda 30K
Other Survival Mode Guide by Jia Baoyu 32K
Character Guide Ranmaru Mori by Sima Zhongda 24K
Other Mission Unlocking Guide by The Left Wings 31K
Character Guide Okuni by Ray1345586 45K
Character Guide Oda Nobunaga by Uptown877 32K
Character Guide Oichi by TornadoKirby 26K
Character Guide Date Masamune by Kresselack 33K
Character Guide Keiji Maeda by Keiji Maeda 35K
Character Guide Kunoichi by Tmetal5788 21K
Other Sound Test Guide by Murataki 5K
Character Guide Mitsuhide Akechi by Keiji Maeda 31K
Other Mission Completion FAQ by EChang 106K
Other Rescue from Ueda Castle Treasure Map by Murataki 29K
Character Guide Magoichi Saika by The Mattykins 76K
Other Level 5 Weapons FAQ by EChang 23K
Other Hanzo's Eavesdropping Mission Map by Tenken 17K
Character Guide Mitsuhide Akechi by Tmetal5788 27K
Other Skills FAQ by EChang 30K
Other Attribute/Skill Maxing FAQ by EChang 23K
Other Items/Rare Items FAQ by EChang 17K
Character Guide Hattori Hanzo by Kaidyn 10K
Character Guide Yukimura Sanada by Cylix 40K
Character Guide Goemon Ishikawa by Ray1345586 67K
Other Character Maximizing Guide by nelstar 40K
Other Stage Flowchart FAQ by EChang 28K
Other Goemon's Rampage Item Locations by Tenken 12K
Other Character Mission Guide by nelstar 57K
Other Character Statistics by EChang 22K
Other New General Creation FAQ by EChang 22K

Samurai Warriors Cheats For Xbox

  1. Power names of characters

    First, create a new general and give him one of the following names for the desired stat increase: (First the name, then bonuses)

    DOJI: All
    GUAN YU: Sword, naginata, horse and Archery
    HONDA: Sword attack power
    KABUKI: Spear, Naginata
    KATO: Sword and spear attack power
    KOJIRO: Weapon
    KONDO: Spear attack, defense
    KOTAROU: Sword and horse attack poweer
    MUSASHI: All
    MUSASIBOU: Sword, spear and horse
    OKITA: Sword, spear
    OYU: Spear, horse and Archery
    SAKAMOTO: Sword, spear
    SAKON: Sword, spear
    SASAKI: Spear attack and ranged defense
    SHIZUNA: Jumping, speed and Archery
    ZHANG FEI: Spear

    Contributed by: Lafontaine 

  2. Fight Lu Bu

    Lu Bu, a character from Dynasty Warriors, can be found by reaching the 30th sub-level in Survivor Mode's Abyss. His position on the 30th floor is marked as a blue square on the map.

    Contributed by: crustybutt 

  3. Unlockable Characters

    Code Effect
    Beat Okuni's campaign. Goemon
    In Kenshin Uesugi's story mode, at the Siege of Gifu, do NOT eliminate Keiji. Then beat the whole game. Keicha Maeda
    Beat Hanzo Hattori's and Shingen's campaigns. Kunoichi
    Beat any campaign. Magoichi
    Beat Oichi's, Noh's and Magoichi's campaigns. Nobunaga Oda
    Beat Ranmaru Mori's campaign. Noh
    Beat Keiji Maeda's campaign. Okuni
    Beat Mitsuhide Akechi's campaign. Ranmaru Mori
    Beat Sanada's campaign. Shingen
    Find every volume of The Book of Five Rings. Extra: Use Death -element on your weapons
    Clear any two Story Modes. Masamune Date

    Contributed by: Lafontaine 

  4. Alternate Costumes

    To unlock any charactors alternate costume you must complete that persons campaigne. It doesn't matter which path you take, getting either ending will unlock the costume.

    Contributed by: rathee 

  5. 5th weapons

    Here I'll describe how to obtain these utlimate weapons. You must make all the requirements to spawn a Supply Team who holds the weapon. You must play under Hard or Chaos difficulty to obtain it. Being two players to make this is good, but all requirements must be done by Player1.(If it's going to somewhere, either player can do it)

    Code Effect
    Complete the four first missions (including Masamune) then, charge the Tokugawa Camp and climb your kills up to 1.000 KO. Yukimura Sanada: Susano (Siege Of Osaka-Summer)
    Complete the 1st mission, withstand the Takeda Army's attacks (None of your officiers must die). After this, seal all Takeda strongholds. Hanzo Hattori: Yamikaba (Battle Of Mikatagahara)
    None of your officers shall be defeated. Whack Mistuhide and Keiji first. Oichi Oda: Sakura (Battle Of Anegawa)
    Capture Kaizu Castle and protect it at all costs! When the mission to withdraw appears, charge the Takeda camp. Kenshin Uesugi: Murakumo (Kawanakajima Showdown)
    In 5 minutes, do the three fisrt missions and clean Mt. Ten-Oh without losing reserve captains on the mountain. Mistuhide Akechi: Futsu-Mitama (Battle Of Yamasaki-top path)
    Kill Katsuie and Nobumori within 1 minute 30. Snipe Mitsuhide, hide from Hanzo and all Pilgrims must survive and escape. Magoichi Saika: Gokuen (Battle Of Echizen)
    Complete the first mission. After Mitsuhide open all gates, wipe out Noh, Oichi, Ranmaru, Keiji and Hideyoshi. None of your officers shall be defeated Masamune Date: Mikaboshi (Attack On Honnouji)
    Defeat all sub-officers and officers by yourself. Keiji Maeda: Izanagi (Kawanakajima Challenge)
    Defeat only Ranmaru, Mistuhide and Hanzo. Okuni: Hikage (Danse Of Ise)
    You must be two. One capture Mt. Chausu and the other, Kaizu Castle. After, kill Hanzo and Keiji and all officers other than Kenshin. Shingen Takeda: Kourin (Kawanakajima Showdown-lower path)
    Reach the 5th floor within 5 minutes. Kunoichi: Kushinada (Rescue at Ueda Castle)
    Complete the 1st mission and search all rooms on the 2nd floor within 5 minutes. Goemon Ishikawa: Takemikazuchi (Osaka Intrusion)
    You must be two. Ranmaru defend the south gate, and the other, kill officers and sealing stronghold. Ranmaru Mori: Kamudo
    Rush to Nobunaga and kill him within 5 minutes. Noh: Hiruko
    Complete the 1st mission. Forget Hideyoshi and slay all Imagawa officers until Yoshimoto and 2 officers stays. Hanzo will move, rush to Yoshimoto. Nobunaga Oda: Orochi
    Occupy Nagashino AFAP. Kill officers until Keiji mobilizes. Let Nobufusa be defeated but don't kill Keiji. Custom Officer-Sword: Douji-Kiri (Battle Of Nagashino)
    Same thing as Yukimura Sanada, but when he'll charge the Tokugawa camp, you must enter the camp BEFORE Yukimura. Custom Officer-Spear: Tombio-Giri (Siege Of Osaka-top path)
    Kill all Oda sub-officers and officers before Nobunaga enters Yoshimoto's main camp.(Nobunaga must be the last to be killed) Custom Officer-Naginata: Benkei (Battle Of Okehazama)

    Contributed by: Mouche007 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
FAQ/Walkthrough FAQ/Walkthrough by Jiyu Aifu 355K