Technical flaws aside, fantastic game.

Alright, so mabye the graphics on this game aren't quite up to par. Big deal. In a TRUE RPG, what truly matters is the story and the battle system, and in both these catogories this game goes above and beyond. Since when did losing a long fight and having to do it ALL over again become a bad thing? I still have memories of Sephiroth.......... anyways, this game gets it right. From the climatic story to the voice acting to the simplest of guild quests, this is a true, die-hard RPG. Sure, it might not be "innovative" or "revitalize the genre." It is still a hell of a game.

The only downfalls of this game are the graphics. So yes, in a large fight, you might get some lag. Not alot, but about 20-25 fps. Or for me, at least, it was 20-25 fps.

This game musically is a masterpiece. The fight themes are the BEST I have ever heard. Even walking around, the soundtrack is wonderful.

The combat system can get a little......annoying at times, but not alot. For being fairly complex, I found it handles pretty well.

So, all in all, this is the most UNDERAPPRECIATED game out right now. For those of you who still call back to the days of Cloud's hair being small yellow blocks, the graphical problems will not phase you, and you will love this game. If you are a graphics junkie, then yes, you will probably find major fault with this game from the pop-in. But give it a chance, at least.