Sega shows you just can't go wrong with the great combination fun and comedy.

User Rating: 7 | Samba de Amigo DC
Humans have evolved from monkeys. We do all kinds of things they do. and they shake thier maracas?! The premise of the game is simple. You shake the maracas with perfect timing and precision when and where the blue dots go. The saying is the easier part as much frustration and puffing ensues. This is the ultimate party game. Those that couldn’t handle the fishing rods should prepare to explode. It also manages to be the combination of simple and infuriating at heart. You shake your maracas like a loon while Amigo dances. I

This game is mainly a party fun game that dosnt require much skillz just being a fun man/women with quick hands.

Besides Challenge mode there are also Arcade and Original, Plus Party, training and further options. The Party section is certainly an intriguing one and features a battle and couples mode, as well as some distracting mini games. Battle involves two players collecting bombs faster than each other so to improve your strength. Fail and your monkey behind is blown sky high. Couples involves you shaking both you maracas in time and see how compatible you are. The mini games are then a more viable option. Whether you rush into all five or tackle one at a time there is fun and ultimately rewards. Guacamole is a version of the infamous arcade game Whack the Moles but instead of a hammer you have to launch your maracas everywhere. Power Rush involves repeated shaking in a certain area to crumble a rock whereas 1-2-Samba! requires the hitting of plates in order rather than getting burned.

Either way this game is a classic and is for the less hardcore gamers that just want fun.