Its good

This game is good full stop. The gameplay is all it could be everything is in place the base of the cake, the cream, The iceing, but wait where is the cherry on top? The game is rather enjoyable and pleases but never disspleases, but then again never astounds. And there could be more levels too, and this would last your liftime without any extras. But the sad thing is there are not enough, there are lots of levels (18) and they are long but when I play it I feel like there isnt enough, like its just a few short. Plus the other thing is only fun will bring you back im afraid, there are really no extras worth getting. But llllllight at the end of the tunnel, passwords that improve the fun of an already fun game. If you want a good old 3d adventure with no glitches or new gimiky features (*cough mario sunshine) Then this is the game for you. This is not a ropey platformer by the way:)

Violet May