PGR3 is a great game, that shouldn't be missed. But you'll get the feel that this game was a little rushed

The Good:
Exellent choice of car models, fitting and variable soundtrack, sometimes stunning graphics, excellent multi-player modes, the 5 different difficulty settings makes the career mode very long lasting. The feel, sound and visuals of every car model is awesome!

The Bad: The games is rendered in a resolution lower than 720p, in-game setting may suddenly change such as music settings, the camera and player-name above cars on/off.
Long and many loading times, no car customization mode, no car damage control

The Review:
The first things you'll notice while playing PGR3 is the stunning graphics and the long loading times. By then your first impression is quite split in half, but the more you play the more things you find to like about the game, but also after a while you will also notice some annoying bugs, for example some settings may suddenly change. I also heard a rumor that the game doesn't even fully support 720p witch Microsoft promised every game would. By putting the game into the black X360 demoversion the rumor was proven true, the game is actually rendered in a 1024x600 resolution, but even though the game still looks awesome and some times comes close to photo-realistic graphics (even on a SDTV).
The gameplay how ever is excellent, the handling and physics of the cars gives you a really enjoying challenge, and the career mode is very fun and variable and the the 5 difficulty doesn't hurt either. The soundtrack is also good and very hard to complain about.
But the best feature of the game is the online mode, the Gotham TV feature works really well, and that only 8 players can take part of race doens't really bother me in a driving game
PGR3 isn't a perfect game, it has it bugs and it feels a little rushed, but most of it's problems can be overlooked and PGR3 is a great way enjoying your first hours with the X360