Missing one gang op in the morningstar areas

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I'm in Act 2 now, I guess, and I've got almost everything complete in both morningstar districts. I'm 97% in control. Everything is lit up purple, except this one area near the highway, north of the penthouse a little ways. I know it's a gang activity becase everything on the checklist over that district is at max except gang operation which sits at 7 out of 8.


Anyone know where this is?

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There's an upgrade for ABILITIES, COLLECTIBLE FINDER: 'Collectible items are highlighted in the world' & it'll show where everything is, once you get close enough for it to be on the mini map; screenshot @ http://s5.postimage.org/5dfeh1dt3/Untitled_2.png
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It's in the buildings (on the roof). Mid-size one. You need to get really close to it for them to appear.