Does anyone else think this game looks bad?

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I've been a Saints Row fan since the first one came out, but this game looks ridiculous. The graphics are near identical to it's predecessor, which came out in 2011, and even then the graphics weren't the best. The whole crime genre that Saints Row belonged to is gone, considering you are now the President of the USA somehow. It's gotten too ridiculous, with superpowers and crazy guns. Steelport looks exactly the same. The protagonist has changed drastically from the first 2 games. Gat is dead. They have completely abandoned the story with Dex. And WORST of all, you are now fighting ALIENS. Really I think Volition messed up with Saints Row The Third, but now they have gone too far and seem to have completely neglected what the majority of their old fans wanted.
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As a true Saints Row fan I have to say that what ever they make it always turns out Fun. Fun is the main goal in the franchise and to try as much as possible to be unique and different then GTA which is an extremely popular game. I have to say this game looks so bad ass. Fun is what I want. Jumping over skyscrapers while shooting a dub step gun at aliens? Come on that just sounds amazing! :D
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this game just went left, i loss all respect for this game its just so childish like it needs to be rated E cuz nothing is mature about. it looks bad and looks so dumb like worst then 3. idk i will wait to buy it when its on the $5.99 rack and even that's too high.

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It does look fun but I think they went overboard trying to make a crime game no one has ever played before. They should have made a different series for this. Gangster to politician/ alien-hunter? I thought gangsters hated the government? I just wish that they did not make alternate endings for SR3. Killbane gets away and the Saints hunt him down in SR4. That would have been better.
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I loved how Saints Row: The Third was completely absurd and wild and living in a world of its own. I wish more games would just let loose like that. The game was like an abstract expressionist just throwing buckets of paint on a canvas not making anything in particular, but unleashing raw energy.

But with this one, the main thing I hate is that there doesn't seem to be anything new, and I really wish that the whole alien invasion premise is part of a poorly planned marketing scheme.

I truly think they could've done more on the parody end with the gangs the way they did with The Third, going completely nuts with them, like a gang of wizards and witches in a parody of Harry Potter or MTG or something, giving the player character access to a dragon and other fantasy creatures to be used as vehicles and fantasy weapons or something.

Personally, I liked the gang system, and I would've been cool with the player going up against maybe five gangs or more this time around. The alien invasion premise lifted from the canceled DLC, however, makes it feel like they're not even trying anymore.

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Because if it has any semblance of color in it, it has to be for kids huh? To answer the question, the game doesn't look bad. Utterly out of this world, maybe, and a graphical update would've helped, but I feel it's going to be sickly fun. SICKLY FUN. I might be wrong, I might be right. Who knows at this point.