Grand Theft Auto with humor. It's Great!

User Rating: 8 | Saints Row 2 PC
Saints Row 2 is well... It's its own game.


Considering my computer had to play it on low settings with no textures and no shadows, the game gave itself sort of a retro feel. With everything on high, the game looked great.


I have to say something first. Saints Row 2 has the best damn freeway system I have ever seen in a game. Having said that, on to driving. Driving in Saints Row 2 is something the developers got right. Cars handle nicely and go nice and fast. Controlling aircrafts is also fairly solid, for helicopters. Flying a plane is a bit hard, me having crashed around three before actually getting into the air. Motorcycles are hard to handle during sharp turns too, but go faster than cars.

At the beginning of the game, you create your own character. I really enjoyed this feature since you character is someone you see and created. My character was a muscular Mexican with a wise alack British voice. His attitudes toward characters in the game were funny, but at times, I questioned his motives, especially this car-crushing girlfriend part.


Overall controls and gameplay


Animation is a bit sloppy


Saints Row 2 is as funny as it is seriously fun.