Saints Row 2 is a good game , But the port is very bad

User Rating: 8 | Saints Row 2 PC
Ever since i played SR1 i have been waiting for this game , and i finally got it .
It's very fun and everything like that it's like stupid fun and i love it ,
but if you want to be able to play the game without lag good luck .

I have a superb PC and i can play the game on its highest settings with about 20-30 fps (sometimes lower) @ 1024x768 and i don't think that is good , the graphics don't even look THAT good.

But the game is super fun and everything like that but if you are gonna get the PC version make sure you are way above the Minimum Requirements.

If you hated the "realism" of GTA IV then this the game for you
For an example there is a car in the game that Shoots poop every where i bet you couldn't find that any where in GTA IV

The game does not start out slow like GTA IV and it doesn't get any slower after that its just endless action and stupid fun

I am not hating GTA IV that game was great and also superb but sometimes way to realistic

One of the things with this game is that the driving sucks it really does , you can barley control your car (I recommend using Cruise Control) I don't know if its like this in the 360 version (Hope not)

Otherwise this game is super stupid fun , good story and allot of fun things to do, the only thing that drags it down is that its a lazy port (Like the GTA IV PC Port) and the driving sucks but yeah otherwise its a superb game , but i do recommend using a controller when you are playing it makes it allot more fun and easier to play.