If you are wondering if this is a viable alternative to GTA 4, think again...

User Rating: 5 | Saints Row 2 PC
I have a lot of problems with the GTA series, the lack of creativity, the fairly boring storylines. The way they seemed to go backwards in terms of location variation in the recent GTA4. It is still a good game though, although it perceivably could be a lot better.

So I'd heard about this game, Saints Row 2, for quite a while and read some very positive and negative things about it.

A lot of complaints about glitches and bad optimisation. Less so about the game itself though. It could be I thought a viable alternative to GTA 4, perhaps despite inferior production values it could actually have better gameplay. Or so I thought.

Eventually I installed it out of curiousity. Wow was I mislead. This game makes GTA4 look like a flawless masterpiece. The list of things wrong with this game is so long I don't know where to begin.

I don't mind the fairly weak visuals. I can handle the fact that even though I have a PC that should be able to run this game on the highest settings and at the same time run Crysis I still get strange moments of low fps when braking for instance.

At the very least the gameplay should make up for all that right?? Wrong...the gameplay is the worst thing about it. The shooting is terrible, fun for about five minutes but oh so hollow.

The worst thing by a long way however....is the thing this game relies on most...travelling in vehicles...the cars feel like I am in a big moving singular block with no weight or any feel whatsoever. It staggers me that a game that relies on car driving can make the whole driving process so unbeilevably unenjoyable and unsatisfying.

I won't even go into the story or whatever else. Simple uninstalled, waste of time.

If you like me considered this game might be worth looking at as a viable alternative to GTA4 - you are wrong, it is a million miles away from even competing with GTA4.