A brilliant example of how to make a fun game.

User Rating: 9 | Saints Row 2 PC
When this game came out, my thought process for not getting it was something like: Gta IV looks way more mature and gritty, and saints row 2 looks like it's lacking a brain.

Well...I was totally right.

This game lacks a brain, it's about doing lots and lots of stupid stuff that would be impossible for a thousand different reasons in real life just for the kicks of it.
The plot is more of a bunch of excuses that lead to ridiculous action segments or gory executions.

And as a result of this, the game is TOTALLY FREAKING FUN!!!
It's like the guys who made this game perfectly knew what i like doing in videogames.
I throw a guy from a bridge, I get a score for falling distance, I jump on a car while somebody is driving it, and the game tells me i can activate the surfing activity.

It's brilliant, just brilliant, there's even a fight club activity, and one about getting hurt!!!
You can do a destruction derby, you get points from driving in the wrong lane, you can take hostages, throw people at everything, set people on fire, do hand to hand combos, dual wield uzis, parachute jumps, do streaking, even katana duels...
and of course all the other more common things, like doing cop missions, ambulance missions, taxi missions, takedowns...
and I'm pretty sure I'm missing things.

So why do I find getting hurt in videogames amusing? Why do I like to throw old ladies off bridges? I don't know maybe I'm stupid, maybe I lack a brain, but this game has made me proud of it, cause it's really, really, fun.