Saints Row 2 for the PC: A broken down wreck.

User Rating: 3 | Saints Row 2 PC
In my opinion this game is great and broken at the same time. I say that because it has a lot of variety: lots of weapons(including the stuff you can grab and throw), customizable character, the ability to recruit members and the ability to customize your "crib".The bad side is the awful porting of this game for the PC. I can run some games from 2008-2009 on 1440X900(1600x900 some cases) and high/very high, but this one needs to be set on 800x600 and low! What the...!?
Another issue of this game is the frame rate. I'm not saying it too low, quite the opposite and it gives the game the feel of fast forward, which personally I don't like. Also again with fps sometimes they just drop and come back to fast forward in a fraction of a second and it's annoying especially in races and car chases.
I'm not comparing this game to GTA when I say this, but it(GTA) had a better physic engine and better ragdolls. When i hit people with a car i get the sensation I just ran over a dummy, not a person.
All in all it's a great game as concept and story, but a broken down wreck on the technical side, with bad optimization, bad porting and awful frame rates.