A great console game makes its mediocre approach to PC with a lousy port, and is far from good.

User Rating: 5.5 | Saints Row 2 PC
Do not get me wrong, I like Saints Row 2. Well, Saints Row 2 on the console, that is. There is plenty of technical glitches, freezing, slow and buggy frame rates, blue-screens, and brain-dead graphics that make this game literally unplayable.

So what is so good about Saints Row 2:

Variety of activities; Good controls; Great customization; Grabbing people and throwing them is very fun, but especially off buildings; No matter the port, it is still Saints Row 2!

Okay, there is a lot of good, but why should I probably avoid this product:

Notorious for its bugs and glitches; Visuals look last-gen; Textures are not satisfying; Annoying gangster personality in the game; blue-screen causing; frame rate glitches; slow!

Alright, so here it is. What is the story? Well, we can just stop there because the story in this game not a score booster in anyway. The beginning of the game is a sequel to the ending of the first Saints Row in where you get blown up, but later on Saints Row 2 you find out that the rest of the story is the same as the first Saints Row.

But it is fun, right? Not exactly. If you would have bought this on the console, sure, but the PC's ported slow frame rates make it hard and at times unplayable, but yet here is some tips to get the most out of your copy and have fun:

Final Gateway: Yes, buying a new high-tech PC would make this an incredibly much more fun adventure.

Heli-Ultor: Go grab a helicopter and fly to the Ultor Tower and look for the windows at the top height of the building and fly in breaking the windows. Go inside and notice the people sitting down. Well, wake anyone up by beating them (not to death) and when they stand up, Hold RB to grab them and shoot at any of the windows for them to break and go up to any window and tap RB again to throw them. It is repetitive, I know, but very fun. When you are done, jump out of the window and remember your trusty 'chute.

Safety-Terrorist: A fun thing I like to do is get a friend on the phone to follow you to the airport to hijack an airplane. Once you do this, just simply fly around and fly in a valid distance from a building and jump out right before the plane hits the building, which should kill your follower, and oh yes, you need to use your safety parachute to survive.

The Sims 3: Murder Adventures: Alright, you might not really think of it but it is fun to plan out machinima's and play it out first on solo play on Saints Row 2. That is where you take advantage of your character customization and your capture card (They range from $20 - $200). And Co-Op helps too. Make a guy and create your own adventure and make a machinima video out of it.

Friends are 4Ever: Play Co-Op and think of some very fun things to do together. Maybe think of an activity together such as base jump racing. Not everything you do solo or with a friend has to be a scored activity programmed in the game, just like last night me and my cousin played a Shield and Explosive mini-game on Modern Warfare 2.

Those are some fun activities that makes this game better. Remember, Safety first when you join the Saints, but first you may have to go throw the technical errors.