Sacrifice is a stunning real-time strategy god game with loads of replay value; even in 2009, it's still incredible fun

User Rating: 9.5 | Sacrifice PC
One of the most innovative games, offering hands-on real-time strategy and some of the most remarkable and humorous characters. The credits sequence alone is a genuine tribute to the creativity and talent of the team, the only time I've ever watched one and enjoyed every second.

At each level of the game, you can choose which of 5 very different gods you will serve, who then gives you some additional spells and creatures that you keep for the rest of the game. Each path you take results in a different set of abilities with different gameplay possibilities.

The fact that you can spend your collected "souls" to create creatures on the spot makes for hectic pitched battles against the computer AI or against human characters. Occasionally you can win through just by blindly re-harvesting your dead creatures and making new ones, but often you'll need to choose each creature carefully for the current situation, make strategic choices of spells and where to employ them, and decide where to dedicate some creatures as guardians who are are more powerful but are restricted to remain within a fixed circle.

At some point in the game, you will turn the tide and dominate the pool of available souls in the world (which means that you have more creatures and choose many powerful ones) and the available mana-sources (which means your rate of mana regain is faster than your enemies).

For comparison, I rate the Homeworld series, Warcraft III and Populous: The Beginning as other excellent real-time strategy games.

- take the time to become familiar with the keys for casting different spells, applying and using unit groups, and choosing positions for your groups; the game will become hectic and then you'll be glad your fingers know where to go!
- when you are being overwhelmed by one or even two wizards in a single game, you can often choose a strategic mana-source and make the right set of creatures "guardians" there
- when you want to move a "guardian" on, you can attack it with your other creatures (right-click, then move right to select "forced" attack)
- for a challenging game, try playing through the whole game with Stratos
- enabling "friendly fire" makes your area-effect spells affect your creatures, making the game harder
- the 3rd patch broke text on the buttons before you start the game; the user patch on fixes those issues and more, and plays perfectly