New and unique twist on an RTS.

User Rating: 8.6 | Sacrifice PC
You play as a wizard, exiled from another world that has just been destroyed by a powerful being, Marduk. You arrive on a new planet governed by 5 gods: Persephone, Charnel, James, Pyro, and Stratos. Each god offers you tasks to complete, each with their own set of creatures and spells at your disposal for the duration of the mission. The stories for the missions are all different but intertwine at the end. You destroy all other gods but the one you work for the most often. The last mission you go up against Marduk himself. A graphically rich, third-person, real-time strategy/spell-casting game. The main currency of the game is souls. You use them and mana to cast spells that create your creatures. Mana regenerates over time if you are nearby a mana spout, either unowned or one you have built a manalith or shrine over. When you are far away from your manaliths, a manahoar creature draws mana to you. You must attack the other wizard and his/her creatures. When your creatures die, make sure to pick up their souls for reusing in another creature. When an enemy wizard’s creature dies, it leaves souls that must be cleansed first. Cleansing is accomplished by summoning a ‘sac doctor’ which carries the soul back to your altar/shrine and sacrifices the creature to obtain its soul for you. When you run out of health, you become ethereal, unable to cast spells, but still able to control your creatures. You can return to the physical world by standing near your manalith/shrine/manahoars and acquiring enough mana. You win the mission by desecrating one or more wizards' altars by sacrificing one of your creatures at it, and killing the owning wizard. This is a very unique game with very interesting gameplay. Some of the dialog is simply hilarious and you are able to take many different paths through the story by choosing the missions of different gods in different orders. Unfortunately, controlling the creatures is a bit difficult (especially when they are behind you). It often ends up becoming a game of: defend your altar, kill the enemy creatures, steal their souls until the enemy wizard has none left, and then systematically taking over the enemy manaliths until you reach their altar. The other game modes extend the replay of this game a bit.