Rush for Berlin Cheats For PC

  1. Cheats

    While playing a mission, press the Enter key to open the "Team Chat" box. Type one of the following phrases into the box and press Enter again to activate the cheat. Entering the code a second time will deactivate it.

    Code Effect
    chucknorrishim Your units will kill basically anything in one shot, even allied units if you force-fire on them. (Garrisoned units are immune.)
    gimmechucknorris Sets your resources to the maximum value allowed for that mission.
    iamchucknorris Completes the current mission, but without credit for any of the objectives (you will still get credit for any medals you earned though).
    lethimbechucknorris All selected units will gain one level of experience.
    openforchucknorris All missions will be instantly unlocked.
    tobechucknorris Attacks won't hurt you, even if you force-fire on yourself with the one hit kill cheat. Train wrecks/bridge collapses/etc can still kill you.

    Contributed by: Deuce ex Defcon 

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