Its hard to describe

User Rating: 8.3 | RuneScape WEB
I started playing the game in April 2005 and it was a blast. I couldnt get enough, I'd shirk my chores and rush home after school to play. I even made friends in other parts of the country that I know I'll never meet. But as I played the game more and leveled up my character and became very good, the game lost its intrest.

I found a lot of the tasks monotonous and boring. There were only three reasons I kept playing: I wanted to keep in touch with my friends that I couldn't keep in touch with in real life, I had a drive to be the best, and maybe if I showed my parents I was dedicated enough they would let think it was worth their money to buy me a membership.

Well, I'm still playing runescape and getting more bored with it, most of the game is setting you up to buy a membership because well.......thats how Jagex makes its money. But if I focus on the first few months I played the game, there was nothing greater in the world! There are many features to it and it was loads of fun. I just played it for hours on end.

They give you a list of quests that you may complete for rewards and that kept me occupied for a few days. most quests are member quests though. You can do many skills too. archery, combat, fishing, mining, smithing, woodcutting, crafting, and magic. Being a member adds 6 more skills and many additions to the nonmember skills.

I kinda went off there describing the game. oops. I'm just a reviewer. Well.......I recommend at least trying the game. Its free so you have nothing to lose except a few hours if you dont like it. Invite your friends because what runescape really is, is a giant chat room with stuff to do while your chatting. Its worth a shot, go try it now! sign up and give it a go!

I recently bought a membership for the game so I'm editing my review to keep it more up to date. Being a member has definately changed the game and added too many more features to count. I'm still deciding if it is worth the $5 per month I must pay.
The thing about memberhood is it almost isn't worth it until all your skills are about level 60, so you can start off doing all the cool things you just unlocked by paying $5.
I would also rate the game higher too... The tasks that I once called monotonous and boring have grown on me. if you chat with some friends and put some cool music on your itunes or WMP and play it in the background, the game turns out alright. I'll still recommend this to everyone, especially if you can't afford other games, because even the free game will keep new players busy for awhile.