Runescape is terrible with customer support.

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I am posting this partly to rant a little since Runescape does not like to see these kinds of posts on their forums, but also to anyone who reads this, or may be having the same issue, is that the customer support on Runescape is terrible. After years of playing legitimately, my character was banned for 13 days for Macroing which after doing some research after the facted that I appealed. Meant using bots, or using Third-party Software. I have never done such a thing and why would I after all these years. After I had sent the appeal, I waited 3 days to receive some sort of response, I get nothing, not even a notice stating that they had even looked into it, so I went ahead and sent them an email twice, both time I recieved an automated message saying that they have received my email. waited 2 more days, still nothing, so I put in a survey, and just did a big complaint about their customer support, and sent one more email. This time I have not received a notice saying that they had received it, and I have never received some sort of notification about my appeal, so I had done more research to see if anyone else had the same issues, no matter were I had gone wether it was on runescape or just a search on google or bing. I was finding forums on how Jagex is terrible when it comes to customer service, emailing back, and to appealing bans will not get into detail on those would probably be better that you should just search yourself. They are terrible whenever they respond to an email, but yet they seem to respond to a persons forums pretty quick. How is that for customer service, and when a person does complain about it on the forums, they either lock it or delete it, and tell the person that they would have to send an email if he/or she is having an issue with the matter, and threaten to ban them from the forums if they do it again. I hope that some of you will read this and hopefully this may help create something better not only for the game, but for their service as well. Runescape is a great game, but if this is how they treat everyone, then what is the point in playing anymore, or to continue buying the membership.
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