room 7

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From this point onwards, the orb will fail to function as it is out of range of the city, and you will not be able to read the manuscripts on the bookshelves (as you do not know how to translate the Tzhaar language) or ask for advice on the puzzles. You will be attacked by 3 Tz-Kek upon entering. You can use the pedestals up ahead to block them or just have them block each other while firing magic at them. When that's over with, go over to the pedestals and pick up the weapons lying around, plus a stone tablet. Written on it is a way to link the types of weapons found on the ground to the types of TzHaar written on the pedestals. The correct sequence varies from player to player. The correct weapon for each pedestal are as follows: buying runescape accounts at "Xil" - obsidian sword "Mej" - obsidian staff "Ket" - obsidian maul "Ket" and "Hur" - obsidian mace "Xil" and "Hur" - obsidian knife Once complete, the door will open to the next room.