My opinion.

User Rating: 9 | Runes of Magic PC
I have been playing RoM ever since closed Beta. I have several different accounts on many different servers. Ive played every class and maxed most of them. I really want to say that this game is one of the if not the best free to play MMO out right now.

Little about the game:
Two races, Human and Elf.
8 Classes, Knight, Priest, Mage, Scout, Rouge, Warrior, Druid, Warden
You get to have 2 classes so pick any two of the top and mix them together with their own special skills. (Priest and Knight are Human specific as are Druid and Warden Elf specific.)
There are Guild castles in which u can participate in Siege Wars between guilds.
Many instances to run.
Lots of equipment to get and stat with your choice of stats.
Arena to fight 1 on 1, 2 on 2 or 3 on 3
Choice between PvP or PvE
Easy questing (can be monotonous in early levels but after level 50 the quest get a lot better)

Some of the complaints I read in other post:
Not really free to play or pay players have an advantage. I really do not under stand the comment. You can get almost every thing the cash shop has to offer from in game mini games, special events, or just random gifts from the developer, yes even mounts. I have a very nice M/D at the moment and I'm in the list of top 100 players on the server, not one cent spent on him.

The few items that you can not get you can buy diamonds from other players with in game gold. I can farm a Mill+ gold in an hr and add that to the gold earned in AH I am never short on gold.

Pay players can level faster or build equipment faster than none pay players. This is true, items in items shop can double your exp gains and get the player to the end faster. They will hit level cap (60 as of today). A week later I will hit the same cap and be the same as him. So I really do not see this as an issue.

Other thoughts:
I enjoy playing this game, I do not spend money on it, and I have a good time at end game. But it depends on how u want to play I guess. If you have to be the best of the best you will probably want to spend money on this game. And yes you can spend A LOT of money on this game if you want to. But you do not have to. I've enjoyed the last 2 years of playing this game and will continue to do so without spending a dime.