Fun and different compared to past harvest moon games.....

User Rating: 8 | Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon DS
I love the game! Its very fun and is a great rpg. I only have 2 problems with the game. 1. like most harvest moon games you cant play as a girl character. 2. The battleing system is very difficult and basically like most other games battle systems like Legend of Zelda. I die in seconds just in the first cave. I hate that when you die in caves you have to go clear back to where you last saved. Its a big pain because there arnt very many saving spots in the caves and after saving at those points it doesnt heal you like you would expect them too. But other than that it has all the things I love about all the past harvest moon games. Including getting married, planting crops, owning animals, fishing, mining, and choping logs. I wouldnt suggest this game to anyone bad at the classic Legend of Zelda games XD.