Its a great idea, but the fighting is horrible, and you usually find yourself dead in minutes. A lousy spin-off.

User Rating: 5.5 | Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon DS
What is this! The fighting is horrible, everyone in the town is brain dead, and the only replay value there is is watering carrot seeds. Your monsters cant fight to save there lives, and you take damage from running out of stamina (which happens a lot in the game) Its a failed attempt to put RPG elements in a Harvest Moon game in order to compete with the "train and trade your monster pets" hype that every kid (and some adults) are into. Just like watching paint dry, this game is boring. Besides battleing, everyday life is just like other Harvest Moon games. Bad things aside, it is a good idea, just not a working idea. Trial and error, right? The animation is good, with a whole anime vibe to it, and character design is like straight out of a Tales game. Monsters can be cute, like sheep rabbits, to just downright strange like a ape fused with a bat. If you like monster battling games, stick with Pokemon or Digimon games. For people new to the series, try Harvest Moon from the Wii Shop Channel of Harvest Moon DS. Parents beware- if your child gets mad easily, dont buy. It gets really frustrating at times (more like every time you try to swing a hoe).