Very different from the Harvest Moon you know.

User Rating: 9 | Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon DS
You are lost, don't know your name, don't know where did you come from. Then, you get a farm and a place to live. You, without any options, stay in the house and start working in the farm. Near the place you live, there are a fair number of caves and dungeon, filled with many monster. What you need to do? Raise crops, get some helping monsters and explore the dungeons. At the beginning, the monsters will kill you in three attacks. But train hard and YOU will be able to kill you in three attacks.

The game is not all about killing monster. You can also "enjoy" the hard farming work. You can also build a family and get a bigger house. There are a few shops that sell an incredibly big number of very useful items, that will help you in both, explorer job and farmer job.

There are a few tiring parts, where you get stuck for some time trying to do the same thing.

There is an infinite number of food that you can cook, acessories to make, weapons and tools to forge and medicine to make. So you can pass some good time completing the game 100%.

This game is simply a mix of a basic ?RPG game with a Harvest Moon game.