Rumble Roses Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Clear Pause Screen.

    Pause the game at any time during a match. Next, press Select. The Pause menu should disappear, leaving the Pause screen unobstructed.

  2. Random Select

    At the Character Select screen, press and hold L1, L2, R1, R2 and hit circle for random select.

  3. Interview the girls

    Select a girl to be viewed in the gallery.
    Once inside the gallery do not make any selections or press any buttons for atleast a full minute. The screen will change and an interview will take place.
    This works for every girl in any gallery environment.

  4. Alter-egos

    Code Effect
    Beat story mode with Reiko Hinomoto Rowdy Reiko
    Beat story mode with Anesthesia Dr. Cutter
    Beat story mode with Bloody Shadow Judgment
    Beat story mode with Dixie Clemets Sgt. Clemets
    Beat story mode with Makoto Aihara The BBD
    Beat story mode with Candy Cane Becky
    Beat story mode with Miss Spencer Mistress Spencer
    Beat story mode with Aigle Killer Khan
    Beat story mode with Evil Rose Noble Rose
    Beat story mode with Aisha Showbiz
  5. Unlocking Lady X and Lady X Substance

    Finish every character in Story Mode, including their alter-egos, to unlock Lady X and Lady X Substance. This character can only be played in Exhibition Mode.

    Code Effect
    Finish Story Mode for all Default Characters Lady X
    Finish Story Mode for all Alter-Ego Characters Lady X Substance
  6. Gallery - Locker and Beach Mode

    Code Effect
    Win the title as any character Gallery Mode
    Defend the title as any character Beach Gallery Mode
  7. Swap the girls movie entrances

    Select 'Exhibition Mode', then pick either 'Normal Match' or 'Title Match'. Select either '1 player', '2 player', or 'computer'. Select the characters you want to swap intro's with. Select the ring you want to hold the match in, then hold down L1 + L2 +R1 + R2 and select 'Play'

  8. Unlock the Beach Arena

    At the main menu, enter the following code to unlock the hidden beach arena. You will hear a noise if you have entered the code correctly. The beach arena will be available in exhibition for normal and title matches.

    Code Effect
    down, right, down, right, down, right, down, square, select Unlocks the beach arena
  9. Unlock Swimsuit 1

    Enter the Code at the Main Menu

    Code Effect
    Down, Left, Down, Left, Down, Left, Down, Square, Select Unlocks Swimsuit 1 in Exhibition, Story, and Gallery Modes
  10. Switch Alter Ego (Japan version only)

    Finish certain character's face and heel in storymode first then in exhibition mode point to the ? of the character.After enter the code you will be able to switch the Alter Ego.

    Code Effect
    R1+circle Switch Alter Ego
  11. Unlock and play as Sebastian (Japan version only)

    Finish Miss Spencer's heel storymode, then point it at Mistress at exhibition mode and use the code to unlock Sebastian.(the only male wrestler in this game)

    Code Effect
    L1+circle Unlocks Sebastian

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