For those skeptical about 3D Metroid, this game proves everyone wrong, and should never be called bad.

Microsoft and Sony fanboys say that the GameCube sucks. Guess what...this game looks so much better than most games I've ever seen on the dated PS2 and marvelous X-Box/360. Making things better, it's not just flash and no substance, but it has amazing gameplay to match the graphics. Quality over quantity, I suppose. Metroid Prime revolutionizes the Metroid series, bringing first-person action and mixing in some old-school fun. The metroids are back, and this time they have a new leader. Sony and Microsoft beware.

Gameplay - You play as the lady bounty hunter, Samus Aran, as you start by investigating a frigate belonging to the space pirates that hovers over Talon IV. Soon into the trip, you find the cause of the destruction inside (a parasitic infestation by their research experiments), and move in to destroy it. After killing the Parasite Queen, the ship's about to explode, and...well, lets just say that you have to escape, and on the way out, you find a past nemesis (his name starts with an "R"), and you end up losing most of your equipment, including your Varia Suit, Grapple Beam, and Morph Ball. This means that now you're stranded on Talon IV and have to find your missing equipment (how the hell did it get down there, anyways?). Creatures are well designed and will try to kill you at any chance they get. Bosses are there to stop you, and guard your essential weapons and other things. You have a few features in the game that are likely new to old-school Metroid fans. The interchangeable beam system has replaced the stacking system, which means you can choose between the Power, Wave, Ice, and Plasma beams at will (once you get them all, of course). Visors help you in a multitude of ways. The Scan Visor is used to gain information on enemies. The Combat Visor is your main visor and is also your default. Thermal Visor lets you see heat sources, and the X-Ray Visor can see through objects. Suits are still here, of course, going from Chozo, Varia, Gravity, and Phazon (in that order). Missiles, Morph Ball, Grapple Beam...it's all here (save the Screw Attack, but that can be acheived in Metroid Prime 2). It's an epic adventure to fight the space pirates and find the mysterious creature that fled from the frigate (starts with "R", ends with "y"). Trekking through the massive environments, you'll also unlock the secrets to the Chozo that once inhabited Talon IV, and find that there's more to the story than meets the eye. Oh, and the final boss is the name of the game (sorry if I spoiled it, but you read reviews and know of the possibility of spoilers).

Graphics - Ummmm...awesome? Yeah, that's the way to describe them. Enemies looks real, environments are rendered beautifully, and everything seems to come to life.

Sound - Sound effects, wonderful. Sound track, inspiring. Sounds overall, amazing. You'll feel like every hit you made against an enemy really hurt them. You'll see how every sound in the game tells its own story. Can't really explain it any more than that. Next catagory, please.

Value - The single-player is about the only thing that there is to the game, but beating it unlocks artwork, and there's also the aspect of collecting every energy tank, missile expansion, and power bomb expansion, and getting every scan to unlock more artwork and the true ending of the game that sets Metroid Prime 2's storyline. You'll find that there's no need for anything else.

Yeah, that's about it. You know you wanna buy it, and it's something every gamer needs to play (it'll most likely make you want a GameCube).