What makes this game GREAT is the Multiplayer!!

It's action packed, but very unique and customizable. This is the only shooter on the 360 that feels lifelike. The more kills you get the more perks and unlockables you get. You can create a Radar to show where your enemies are, or a well placed airstrike to destroy all of them. The fact that you can fully customize your players guns and perks better and better makes multiplayer really cool . The uniqueness and realism are top-notch because at times it can feel like your in a warzone. Not to mention the multiplayer maps are amazing. Some graphics are almost perfect, whether it be your character or the backgrounds.

The singleplayer campaign is better than Halo 3's, although its way too short. Great graphics, story, and sound make this the best FPS of the YEAR! However it is the REALISM, that makes this game better than Halo 3, and probably the best game of the year.