Adds harder scenarios and other additions but still is a good expansion for those looking for something more in R:TW..

User Rating: 8 | Rome: Total War Barbarian Invasion PC
Rome: Total War was a stellar suprise and ranks, in my opinion, as one of the best RTS games ever created (while not forgetting about the first Total War game). R:TW's first and only expansion pack, Barbarian Invasion adds a few more enhancements to an already excellent game. 1) Adds nighttime battles. This certainly makes gameplay much more fun, as you have one more setting to choose from, though I can't really feel a whole lot of a difference from the original "night" battle that was included in the original.

The nighttime battle in this game merely makes a redo of the sky in terms of appearance and lighting. The nighttime setting, simply put, looks more beautiful than the one found in the original R:TW. 2) Religion. Adds more depth, but unfortunately this makes the game feel a whole lot harder. Differences in religion can add more friction between cities and their leaders. You'll get more revolts because of this.


1) More factions such as the Huns, Ostrogoths, Romano- British etc...
2) Better appearance of nighttime battles.
3) A few more settings and campaigns.
4) More depth with the addition of a larger role for religion.


1) A much more difficult playing level for the single player campaigns. Some of them, might I add, feel like a huge task to accomplish.

2) Hardly any new additions for the historical battles section. BI adds only 2 battles. Conclusion: Barbarian Invasion is a game worth playing only if you felt the original Rome: Total War lacked something in appearance and content. With the few new additions here, this should be satisfying. Sadly though, you'll end up finding much more harder single-player campaigns and no other valuable additions. Here, you'll find only "enhancements", which an expansion pack should be. In conclusion, BI adds nothing too revolutionary to the series and to the original. It's just another worthy play for the fans...

- Corrosion.