5.7/10 should have been so much better if it wasnt for the developers.

this game is brought down by horrible decisions of the game company. i bought this game because after a boring summer of 2010 i wanted to by the first big release game of the holiday season. when i started playing dead rising 2, it was alot of fun. i liked the twist on the zombie genre where its not a rundown society like other games, but its a incredible society just living around the zombies having incredibly violent reality shows. but as the game went on i noticed the game got incredibly cheap and difficult. and an online friend told me the developers made it hard on purpose so it would be funner with a friend or so the buyer would spend 30 bucks on the strategy guide. this scenes incredibly dis honest and basically it sounds like an F U to the costumer. if you dont have alot of friends who own this game, do not buy it, otherwise you will have a difficult time playing through this. and the timer they put on the levels make exploring almost impossible unless you want to start the level all over again. ultimately dead rising 2 has an incredible story that gets ruined by timed levels and pain in the butt gameplay.

sincerely yours tkpanda, your future ruler