I'am trying this game after playing NARTP & NAIT! And I 'am having trouble!

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I'am having some trouble with few thing's about the game. What's the best way to Victory? First, when I get drawn into a field battle I can't seem to move my unit's in a strategic way to victory, even when I out number the enemy 2-1 or even 3-1, I did better with Siege, because, I had 152,000 warrior's, which was more than anyone else, then I got hit with a Rebellion and lost 2/3 of my warrior's, just like that! Second, when you create a new officer, and then create a whole Clan of blood relation's for them, WHY, is it that the only family member to show is the first son or daughter, and no brother's or sister's, and as time passes, no one else, even though I created them being born in a given year? Thirdly, why is it that when you put in the name of the officer at the start of the game, correctly, it seem's to be reversed in the game, meaning, at the beginning you put in the name, like this, NAME: Zhou Shan, but in the game it's, like this, Name: Shan Zhou!?! Lastly, just what is the best way to win the game, like is there a certain city I should start in, or a certain province, or a certain strategy to follow? Should I build my imperial favor and strengthen my wall's and armie's, first?
Please, advise me, and thank you, for your time, bye!

Your's Truly,
Steve Herman