Where the days went...

User Rating: 9.5 | San Goku Shi II GEN
I don't even remember how I first got my hands on this game. The graphics are nothing to write home about. I wish I could remember what made me decide to try it out, because by all appearances, this game should look boring as all hell.

Then I started to play.

Hours went by... I had to force myself to stop playing just to go to the bathroom. Days went by... provinces were being captured... driving another Lord into oblivion and stealing as many of his best generals as you can to continue the war to unite all of China!!!

Who you choose to start with determined most of the initial difficulty in the game. Choosing a lord with few generals, surrounded by powerful generals forced you to use diplomatic tactis to gain generals and maintain peace with your neighbors.

Choosing a well established lord allowed you to jump on the war machine right away. Usually after you get a crop in, collect your taxes and find a trader selling arms.

Ahh the memories... writing this review has given me the desire to play again.