Great game, with fun custom map creation on the side.

The first far cry game I ever played was the original. It had great visuals and had a good map creation. This game has great visuals and a brilliant story mode. The story mode consists of you chasing a weapons dealer known as the jackal. He has been responsible for the killing of many people. There are many side Quests to do, and the AI can be very smart, so the game is incredibly enjoyable. But without a doubt, the very best feature is the map editor mode, alllowing you to make your own maps. You can also publish your maps online for others to download, or download someone elses to teset out. The online multiplayer is brilliant, but unless you are up to downloading maps all day, then you will want to do ranked match. The map editor contains thousands of items to use, and a large map to do it. The game is fairly cheap in stores and is worth eever penny paid. So if you have a spare 25 quid on your pocket, then this is the game for you.