RollerCoaster Tycoon: Loopy Landscapes Cheats For PC

  1. Easy Money

    When a guest is about to walk into your park, pause the game. Make the price
    of the park exactly one dollar less than what the guest is carrying. They'll
    always come in, no matter what. If it's the exact amount they have,
    sometimes they don't come in.

    Contributed by: iammaxhailme 

  2. Remove Tall Grass

    If your grass is really getting out of hand, just choose the land leveller. Click once on the plot of grass and the tall weed will disappear. You can increase the size of the land leveller to clear the grass more quickly. It still won't be freshly cut, but guests won't complain about uncut grass. Plus, it's totally free compared to the handymen.

    Contributed by: GurraJG 

  3. Largest Park of All

    In order to unlock Mega Park as an extra scenario, beat all the scenarios in RollerCoaster Tycoon (Original) section.

    Contributed by: sonic479 

  4. Codes

    Change a person's name to one of the following for the desired effect.

    Code Effect
    Chris Sawyer Guest takes numerous pictures.
    John Bibrough Better Park Rating
    Damon Hill Fast Go-Kart driver
    Mr Bean Slow Go-Karts
    Simon Foster Guest paints pictures.
    John Wardly Guest walks around saying "Wow!"
    John Mace Guest pays double for rides they go on.
    Katie Brayshaw Waving guest
    Tony Day Hungry guest
    Michael Schumacher Faster Go-Kart driver
    Richard Tan This guest will be a thief
    Richard Branson This guest will make other guests rich
    Melanie Warn This guest will be automatically happy

    Contributed by: PS2pcGAMER 

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